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Letter to the editor | Care home

Dear Editor,


In response to your articles about the proposed care home in Felpham, I wish to state publicly that I unequivocally support the building of the much-needed care facility.


I am a local resident who walks by the trees on a daily basis, so am totally aware of the situation. While I accept some local people object to the building works, many, many more local people are in favour.


I accept such issues such as sewage, parking, trees etc have to be looked at in detail, but surely we can work with Arun District Council to ensure a satisfactory outcome.


The trees were given a tree preservation order notice by the council who are saying the new entrance will not affect their status.


Do we not trust that they know what they are about? Please do not allow the objections of a few affect the well being of many. After all – we may be pleased we have somewhere to go ourselves in a few years!


Jennifer Wright,
The Stables, Ancton Lane,

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