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Letter to the editor | Dog walkers

Dear Editor,


I refer to the article in the Bognor Regis Post, dated September 20.


I, for one, think the fencing along Felpham seafront has enhanced the area 100 per cent.


Surely it is preferable to the greensward being covered in dog faeces. I am guessing Lyn Jones is a dog owner, one of those who allow their dog to roam at will. For us, it seems to me, small minority of non dog-owners, we have absolutely no rights at all.


Many times we have had our picnic on the beach spoilt by dogs running up to us, sniffing our food.


Many times I have had my walk along the Esplanade spoilt by dogs running up to me, jumping at me. As I have said on more than one occasion, “If I wanted a dog, I’d have bought one”.


It seems this whole area is being taken over by dog owners, who think every grass verge or open space was put there specifically to use as a dogs’ toilet.


I seem to recall there has also been much controversy over dogs running off the lead in Hotham Park.


Please let us keep the situation under control, and if that necessitates the erection of a fence, so be it.


Mrs C Edmonds, Manor Close, Felpham

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