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Letter to the editor | In response to A. Jackman’s letter

Dear Editor,


In response to A. Jackman’s letter in the October 11 issue, it is not a case of not voting for a particular party if I do not like them as I stood in your area of Middleton-on-Sea as a Lib Dem, led by Jo Swinson, candidate for Arun District Council not so long ago, of which you seem unaware.


You say that we elect MPs to speak and make decisions on our behalf, which of course they did, by having a referendum.


You say that our ancestors knew that a referendum would be a recipe for disaster. When did they say this?


And how can anyone change their manifesto once in office?


This is impossible. They change their minds but not their manifesto as a manifesto is a public declaration of intent, policy, aims etc issued by a political party, government or movement before an election.


There is no written constitution for our parliamentary democracy. It is something that evolves and I am not critical of the local Lib Dems as they have shown by their actions on Arun District Council and other local councils that they are listening to the people.


David Box,
Shelley Road,
Bognor Regis

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