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A festive tale just in time for Christmas

A teacher from Aldingbourne has just launched her second book inspired by her favourite childhood author.


Lucy Griffiths, a teacher at Aldingbourne Primary School, originally wrote up The Snowman and the Swallow 10 years ago. But lacking the confidence to share the story, it stayed hidden in her notebook on the kitchen table.


A few years ago, she decided to start showing friends and family, giving her the push she needed to seek out a publishing deal.


“Stupidly, I thought that I would get a deal straight away,” Lucy said.


“I got a lot of rejection letters and gave up for a bit. Then I sent it to an American publishing company. They loved it and got back to me within two weeks.


“Unfortunately, it was quite late into the year that they took it up, and it would have been too short notice to get it out in the October like we wanted.”


Lucy’s book is set around a swallow who keeps a snowman company until he melts away.


Lucy said: “My favourite book as a child was Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince.


“His stories have such an incredible message and the story is definitely inspired by that book.


“The dream that I always put out there is that I wanted to be published, I didn’t care if it made money, I just wanted to walk into a book shop and see my book on the shelf.


“At the moment that isn’t happening because it’s mainly available online, but that’s something I’m aiming for in the future.”


In the meantime, while The Snowman and the Swallow was being developed, the publishers approached Lucy and asked if she had anything else lined up.


Are We There Yet, her children’s activity book, was made available in July last year.

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