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Bike recycling

A new type of bike shop opens in Bognor Regis tomorrow.


The Bognor Bike Hub in Aldwick Road will offer a range of services provided by the community to help people save money and to get fit and healthy by getting back on a bike.


As well as having a number of new bikes for sale including electric bikes, the shop will also have recycled second-hand bikes which have been expertly renovated by qualified mechanics to provide cheap transport, as well as a range of clothes, spares and accessories for sale at low cost.


The shop will also provide a free advice service to help show people how to get around the area quickly by bike.


Director Adam Bell said increasing concerns about pollution, congestion and rising levels of obesity and physical inactivity, made it important for everyone, where possible, to reduce their use of cars for short journeys, especially bearing in mind often trips can often be quicker by bike, and avoid no parking costs.


“The main reasons people give for not cycling is that they either don’t know short cuts around the town or that they’re too scared to cycle on the roads.


“With Bikeability trained instructors, the Bognor Bike Hub can provide tailored one-to-one cycle confidence training to teach people how to ride a bike in a confident way on the roads, and how to navigate around the local area,” he said.


The hub will also stock locks, provide repairs and hold courses in basic maintenance.

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