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Call to re-think how to help the homeless

A poster campaign has been launched this week urging people to donate to homeless charities rather than individuals.


The campaign, launched by Arun District Council’s multi-agency rough sleeping community and voluntary sector network, comes in response to concerns that money given directly to rough sleepers isn’t always spent wisely.


Cllr Gill Yeates, Arun District Council’s cabinet member for community wellbeing, said: “I think most people in Arun would agree that it’s hard to walk past someone living on the street without wanting to help them. But kindly giving them your loose change isn’t always the best way to do that.


“You can donate money or even your time by volunteering via one of the charities involved with homeless people in the district, if you are able to.


“That way you can really make a change.”


The Spare Change – Make a Change initiative is a form of diverted giving, aimed at encouraging residents and visitors across Bognor Regis and Littlehampton to volunteer or donate money and items directly to local charities and community groups.


Julie Hoggatt, community worker, said: “The campaign gives people who want to help those living on the streets a chance to make a real difference.


“Donating to organisations means that money and time can be used to provide much needed services and support.


“You can be sure that you’re helping at a practical level to provide interventions and essentials that rough sleepers really need.”


The poster also highlights that residents and visitors of Arun can report rough sleepers online at : which will allow people to send an alert which will go straight to the local outreach service.

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