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Ceremony for the fallen of Eastergate

A simple act of remembrance by the Royal British Legion to call out the names of the fallen was held in Eastergate.


The ceremony, which took place on Sunday at the Eastergate Lion War Memorial, was arranged by Renford Marsden of the Royal British Legion – Sussex County.


It came in response to concerns expressed by local veterans and an 89 year old member of the Royal British Legion.


One of the names being called out for the first time was his village friend, Private James Ross, who left Eastergate during the second world war, never to return.


Royal British Legion Standard Bearers from Chichester Branch (Niall Slark & Charles Slark) lowered the standards when all the names were called out by veteran Steve Ansell from WW1, WW2 including a soldier who died in Northern Ireland.


A senior representative of the Royal British Legion was in attendance and supported this simple act of remembrance.


The significance of calling out the names dates back to after the Great War when King George V wanted everyone not to ever forget the sacrifice made for all of us.

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