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Church in eco-aware moves

By Lotte Pegler


A church congregation in Middleton-on-Sea is ensuring it does its bit for the eco movement.


St Nicholas Church, in Elmer Way, is hoping to become an eco-church, led by the parochial church council (PCC).


The aim is to show parishioners they are engaging in the ‘battle to save the planet’ that they believe was created by God, and worship each week.


parish clerk Gerbera Le Fort said: “We hope to get more support once people hear about us.


“I wanted a scheme where the money was put in and eventually we could raise enough for solar panels. I know that’s a lot of work and could take years and years – but it’s my dream.


“At the moment, we can’t even fit the stock in the church, so that’s another thing we are working on.”


Having been sponsored by PCC, the church has progressed enough to bulk-buy A4 recycled paper, kitchen roll, recycled foil and liquid soap, so that they can refill customers’ existing plastic dispensers.


The products are usually available at the church’s coffee and fellowship mornings each Monday.


As part of the church’s promise to their parishioners, they have outlined four main goals.


“All communications will be on recycled paper. This is almost twice the price of what we presently pay, we will try to reduce our usage by improving our technology.


“We will buy recycled toilet rolls, which is more expensive.


“All recyclable waste should be placed in the container in the kitchen clearly labelled for that purpose.


“The use of plastic cups will cease. Even disposable paper cups and plates should be limited as we have yet to see the technology to ensure all recycled material is put to good use.”


The Rev William Marston said: “For some time, we have been eco-aware.


“Just recently, we made a commitment to even greater efforts, with a broad range of initiatives, from re-cycling plastics to buying re-used products.


“We learn with interest of other people’s initiatives, and seek to join in wherever possible.


“Across society, there is an ever increasing move to be eco-aware, and we see it as being based in using well the resources entrusted to us by God.”


The church hosted a Christmas fair on Saturday, giving people not only the opportunity to visit Father Christmas, but also to explore the Think-eco shop.


Visitors were encouraged to measure their carbon footprint, sign up for the Sussex Pledge, and learn their new 6Rs, all related to sustainability.

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