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Couple refuse to pay their council tax after a dispute

A couple in Fontwell will face a court for refusing to pay their council tax.


Susan and David Smith are due to attend Worthing Magistrates Court next moneth for failing to pay £2,294.48 worth of their council tax.


According to the couple, their reasoning is to make up for the thousands of pounds they have had to spend out for something they believe the council should have sorted.


“I’ll go to prison before I pay this money,”


Susan said.


“We have already paid over £3800 putting up a fence between the property and our neighbours, something that wouldn’t have been necessary if it wasn’t for the council’s actions.


“Our neighbour hasn’t put up a fence when he should have done so and the council say he doesn’t have to – even though he’s lived in caravans on his property for two-and-a-half years.


“He can see right into our garden, observing us, as we can observe him. That’s not appropriate because there’s no reason why the caravan should be there.


“There’s been no building work being done. He’s got CCTV cameras looking into our windows.


“He’s been able to watch our family, to watch us and the council aren’t doing anything about it.”

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