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Encouraging figures show voluntary group progress

A report has shown that voluntary sector groups in Arun are flourishing, despite continuing challenges.


Voluntary Action Arun and Chichester (VAAC) has released its report on the latest Flourishing or Floundering survey, which looks into the state of the voluntary and community sector in Arun and Chichester.


The results were generally encouraging, identifying similar challenges to previous years, but showing a continued growth in response to increased levels of need and reduced resources in other sectors.


Hilda Sherwood, VAAC chief executive, said: “This year’s report highlights the fact that although many voluntary sector groups struggle to find funding to keep their organisations afloat, they are resilient and resolute in the support they offer their communities.”


As in previous years, funding was identified as the most challenging area for the local VCS, with the need for more volunteers and new service users following close behind.


Other findings from the survey into the sector locally showed the largest single group of beneficiaries are children and families, with youth and older people coming a close second and third.


According to the figures, more than 5,500 volunteer hours are given to groups each week equalling a financial value of approximately £45,000.

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