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Ghoulish games for families this week

By Lotte Pegler


Children embraced their spooky side as they explored the Halloween events at the Aldingbourne Country Centre.


Families were invited to the centre, just north of the A27, to take part in some frightening fun and ghoulish games around their woodland walk.


Starting on Monday and running for three days, children were able to wander around on a spooky hunt, meeting zombies, ghosts and witches.


Jen Seares, the event organiser, said:


“It’s gone really well. We’ve hit our targets and get more people in our first day than we’ve had in the five years before – so really well.


“The people we support were all involved, they’ve been building all our props and painting, everyone has loved it.


“They’ve been models and actors and the kids get to walk around and explore and then get a treat at the end. We hold these events because it helps break down barriers between people with learning difficulties.


“People can see what we can do. It allows for children to grow up thinking there’s nothing different so there’s not so many barriers in our way.


“There’s lots of cuts to funding recently so we don’t want to be fully dependent on the government. Events like this help with that.”


Becky Lewis took her three children to the event on Wednesday.


She said:


“The kids love these things. It’s something to do that’s a bit different and it’s nice to support the trust.


“We’d been to one of the events before and the kids loved it. It’s good to get children involved in a setting where they feel safe. It’s nice for them to enjoy Halloween but not be scared of it!”

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