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Housing plan for Shripney will add hundreds of vehicles daily

Nearly 50 homes will be built on pasture land in Shripney under new formally revealed plans.


Hanbury Properties wants to construct the detached, semi-detached and short terraces of up to four dwellings on the site east of the A29 Shripney Road. The outline proposals also include a modest number of apartments in small blocks.


The company’s planning agent, Luken Beck, says in a statement the occupiers of the proposed housing would generate 234 extra vehicles on day along the A29.


This would peak at 26 vehicles at the busiest time in the mornings.


But a transport assessment shows ‘the development will not compromise the existing highway network and the site access junction will operate well within capacity and with low average delays for waiting vehicles’, it says.


“(The) built form would have a traditional style and format and would include a mix of predominantly two-storey buildings, with single-storey ancillary structures.


“Some instances of 2.5 storey units are also shown and would be used to add interest to the created streets,” Luken Beck adds.

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