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Letter to the editor | Brent Geese at Pagham

Dear Editor,


Residents who enjoy the spectacle of large flocks of Brent Geese at Pagham could be sadly disappointed this winter.


At lot of your readers are probably already aware that one of the main foraging grounds for these birds has been set aside for building development by the previous district councillors and the group head of planning at Arun District Council under their local development plan.


However, your readers may also be interested to know that this whole plan has been under sustained criticism from the newly elected councillors.


More evidence is emerging of the damage it will cause to the wildlife of Pagham Harbour nature reserve.


Last year’s Brent count results from these future development sites were so high – even over 3,000 at one point – that this should be considered a core area, thus contributing to the harbour’s special protection area and, therefore, must also be protected.


Only a few weeks ago, a report was sent to Arun by the Sussex Ornithology Society which can be viewed on Arun’s planning portal at application P/140/16/OUT.


This winter, these fields have been left barren. Local knowledge and the cropping history tell us that this is an extremely unusual occurrence.


To some it may be just a crude way of tampering with bird count figures but can I please emphasise that starving wildlife away will cause a massive and desperately sad loss for everyone.


May I ask your readers to view a brief but lovely film made by a local wildlife enthusiast. It is on YouTube under the title: A goose tale.


For the Brent Geese, other wildlife and the rescued Pagham Ponies, the fight to ‘Save Pagham’ is now a fight to the death.

Giles Binyon,
Carlton Avenue,
Rose Green

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