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Letter to the editor | Changing Times article

Dear Editor,


I have just read the article by Sylvia Endacott and printed in your edition of November 15.


Although the Kursaal, which was renamed the Rex, was mentioned, the article concentrated mainly on the Regis Centre, its opening and it being an example of 1980s architecture.


Many agree with me that, on the whole, the architecture of that decade was not particularly noteworthy!


Even more agree that the entirely out-of-character Fitzleet House does not deserve the defence of those who praise it as an example of architecture of the sixties.


There are those, likewise, who argue in favour of so-called ‘progress’ but Bognor Regis is fast becoming an unattractive concrete jungle with hardly anything left of historic interest to attract visitors, contrary to many other seaside towns.


Among much else, we have even lost the very premises occupied by King George V during his convalescence, despite his time here resulting in us acquiring our Regis tag!


So many local people have such fond memories of the Rex and all it had to offer. At least we have retained The Arcade but the Rex itself was such a majestic building which enhanced our seafront, one which is now nothing to be proud of.


Even if the Rex needed extensive maintenance, would this not have been cheaper than demolition and the restructuring of the site? To what benefit?


The same idea applies to much of our town, which sadly now has no true character.


Linda Smalley,
Cavendish Road,
Bognor Regis

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