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Letter to the editor | Ewe rescue

Dear Editor,


I recently had the good fortune to rescue a ewe which had been trapped on its back and strangled by bramble tendrils into which it had blundered.


I had assumed that it was dead, but turned back to gauge how long it had been dead, so that the farmer could be informed.


Happily, it was still alive, though comatose, and I was able to release it with my pocket pruners and it righted itself and walked dazedly away.


I was so pleased with my achievement that I put pen to paper and let my younger brother, now in Tasmania, know of my experience. Back came his reply, to advise that he had had a similar experience on a Queensland beach some years back, when he found a kookaburra trapped in a piece of discarded nylon fishing net.


He managed to release the bird with his pocket knife and was also very pleased to see it enjoy its liberty. But his sense of relief was enhanced by a huge chorus of other kookaburras perched on nearby trees, none of which he had noticed prior to his entry to the beach – the kookaburra is related to the kingfisher.


It may be presumptious to borrow our political leaders’ dictum that ‘we are all in this together’, but it is perhaps worth bearing in mind. Let’s keep our eyes open for distress!


Robin Low,
Nyton Road,

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