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Letter to the editor | Felpham fencing

Dear Editor,


You have published several letters, and there have been Facebook postings, concerning the fencing in front of the Felpham greensward.


In the November 15 edition of the Bognor Regis Post, there was a very relevant letter from J. Hitchcock of Bognor Regis in opposition to the said fencing.


It should be made a priority that the seats be made available to the general public, as originally intended!


The construction of this fencing, plus its position, is an eyesore, to the detriment of our seafront.


Surely a more acceptable solution would be to move some of the fencing to a position behind the seats.


Members of the public could then enjoy their view of the sea in relative comfort and the occupiers of the beach huts would still retain an area of grass in front of them for their various activities.


Already in decline, dog fouling could further be reduced by the installation perhaps of more waste bins or even, funds permitting, by having on-site CCTV. Bognor Regis would benefit greatly from this.

Linda Smalley,

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