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Letter to the editor | Felpham seafront fencing

Dear Editor,


I am writing with regard to the fencing of the western greensward on Felpham seafront.


There was no consultation at all with the residents and stakeholders of Felpham and, consequently, the parish councillors and people do not know what the majority view is.


There still is dog fouling on the western greensward and whether this is less evident on this area because of the railings or the time of year has not been proved.


Have the railings caused the problem of dog fouling to increase in other areas? It has become a safe area for allowing dogs to be off their leads.


The wider community of Felpham – beach hut tenants, dog owners, businesses, residents including children and the older persons and the vulnerable, people who have memorial plaques and benches and tourists etc – have an interest in the open spaces, promenade and beach areas of Felpham.


Has the impact on accessibility (and perceived accessiblity) to what is a public open space, the benches, the sea views, notices to the Blake Trail, and a leisure area been taken into consideration by officers of Arun District Council?


Some residents believe the money spent on the railings should have been better spent i.e. more dog bins across the village and/or facilities that have a beneficial impact on the whole community, directly or indirectly.


The residents should have been consulted before their monies were used to pay for the railings.


Will a ‘blatant’ failure by Arun district officers and some Arun district councillors to consider the wishes of the residents stop?


Will those councillors who have not asked questions and the officers be held accountable?


The solution is to retropectively hold consultations and for Arun District Council to act upon the wishes of the majority.


We should advocate all things good for Felpham.


Anne Barker,

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