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Letter to the editor | Fencing at Felpham

Dear Editor,


I wrote on the Bognor Regis page of Facebook how stupid the fencing at Felpham was, giving my reason.


In the winter of 2005, the seas had been very rough and the shingle was right across the path and on to the greensward.


My husband found an elderly couple in dire straits as he had fallen, sustaining a Pott’s fracture (i.e. tibia and fibula – I was a state registered nurse.)


My husband and I were able to lift him up bodily from partially sitting on the wall unable to move onto the seat behind until the ambulance came.


The wind was howling and we could not hear on the mobile phone. Both The Boathouse and The Lobster Pot were closed. Thankfully, a householder used their landline.


Where would we have been if, as now, we were unable to get to the seat, a far more comfortable position?


We had a lovely thank you letter from the man’s wife later.


Those seats were put there by the sponsors for the use of the many – locals and visitors, not be caged in.


In this instance, we would have been unable to do what we did, as we were both pensioners.


I think that, for whatever selfish reason they were put up, they should immediately be taken down for the safety and pleasure of the promenade users.


J Hitchcock,
Bognor Regis

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