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Office furniture

Replacing office furniture has cost West Sussex County Council almost £320,000 over the past three years.


The figures were shared at a meeting of the full council following a question from Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Dr James Walsh to Bob Lanzer, cabinet member for corporate relations.


In 2016/17, £19,238 was spent on furniture, rising to £151,752 in 2017/18 and dropping to £148,307 in 2018/19.The budget for each year was £175,000.


Asked how the  council could justify ‘replacing perfectly serviceable tables and chairs in most of the committee rooms’, Mr Lanzer said none of the old furniture would be wasted and would be used in other areas such as the fire service training room.


He added that the new furniture was lighter and had wheels, meaning one member of staff could move them without having to call another for help.


Pointing out that the carpet in one of the committee rooms had had to be repaired twice due to people dragging the heavy tables around, he added:


“The expenditure will reduce carpet repair maintenance and will enable facilities to provide a better service to meeting rooms in the main building, Edes House, The Grange and Northleigh.”


Mr Lanzer did not know when the furniture was last replaced, though Dr Walsh suggested it had been within the last 15 years.


Report by Karen Dunn, local democracy reporter

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