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People who want to enjoy some of town’s events will have to pay

Charges are to be levied for some of the biggest events in Bognor Regis.


Town councillors have agreed to support the imposition of an entry fee for a range of the crowd-pulling occasions they stage each year.


They have asked their officers, who opposed the plan, to draw up a policy to reflect the criteria and framework for which events will no longer be free to enter. These criteria will be discussed by the council’s policy and resources committee before they will take effect.


The events at which any charges will apply are likely to be those held indoors rather than outside, such as the Drive Through Time motor gala and the weekly Funshine days on the seafront.


The decision was raised at Monday’s meeting of the town council.


Cllr Sandra Daniells (I, Pevensey) said she feared the policy would be unworkable.


“We have some really deprived areas in the town and we have never charged for events before,” she said.


It was stated at the meeting the town council would look at a way to ensure its residents, who paid for the events with their council tax, would avoid the charges and only those from the surrounding areas had to pay on the day.

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