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Raising awareness for the homeless

A Bognor Regis man is shaving his head and braving 24 hours in the town’s streets to raise awareness for the homeless.


Joee Nash, 30, will be taking on the challenge on December 14 to raise money for supplies for Stonepillow.


“I’m going to step inside the shoes of the homeless,” he said. “I won’t have my phone or wallet, no luxury that can tempt me.


“I will be spending the whole next day sat in the street. For a few years I have given to the homeless. Like most people, I’m aware of the issue and I feel this real regret, heartbroken, when I can’t help.


“For the last couple of years I have wanted to do something around Christmas time so this time I have just gone full steam ahead and done it.


“Being homeless and how people become homeless all ties in with mental health, another thing which I try and raise awareness of. Over the last few years, I’ve raised nearly £2,000 for mental health support.


“Properly helping the homeless has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I want people to understand that being homeless is so complicated, it’s a complex situation.


“The plan is to do a head shave late afternoon when everyone is in town. Then once that is done, I’ll begin the actual 24 hours.”

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