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Schemes’ meeting

Regeneration supporters in Bognor Regis are to be invited to tell town councillors about their plans.


Five sets of ideas to boost the town and its economy will be presented at the extraordinary meeting.


The date of the session has yet to be set but councillors agreed on Monday each proposer would be given a 30-minute slot to talk about their scheme and answer questions.


Arun District Council, which owns the sites, will also be asked to go along and make a presentation.


The special meeting has come about after Cllr Wayne Smith (I, Hotham) asked the previous town council meeting for a presentation to be held with the Sir Richard Hotham Project.


The scheme has planning permission for its ambitious £90m plans for the Hothamton, off Queensway, and Regis Centre locations – which the other proposals lack.


Cllr Smith told Monday’s meeting: “I am a big fan of the Sir Richard Hotham Project but I am more than happy to listen to everybody.


“The Sir Richard Hotham Project are a lot further down the road than the other regeneration projects.”


Cllr Samantha Staniforth (LD, Orchard) said: “It’s important we hear from everybody. It’s important we hear them because it’s our town. It should not just be a matter for Arun.


“We may not be able to make a decision but it’s important to be involved in that decision later on down the line.”


Cllr Steve Goodheart (I, Hotham) said: “It’s important to get these proposers back in to seriously talk to them about what can be done in Bognor Regis.”


Cllr Jim Brooks (I, Marine) said the proposers should have the chance to tell the town council about the latest state of their proposals.


Cllr Sandra Daniells (I, Pevensey) said the town council did not want to be promising more than it could offer to those who took part in the presentations.


“We are not the landowner and we don’t have any real say in what is going to happen,” she said. “We can listen to them but we don’t want to give them false hope.”


Former town councillor Jan Cosgrove had told the councillors during the public session of the meeting it was wrong to put the other schemes on par with the Sir Richard Hotham Project.


“This is an absolute waste of time. You have not heard from these other schemes in four years. They have no money and no planning permission,” he said.


The full list of those to be invited to give presentations is: 4BR, Jim Brooks, Mr N. Prosser, Re-invigoration and the Sir Richard Hotham Project.

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