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Town’s Brexit man in poll withdrawal

Hartley Elder has stood down from contesting the general election in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton for the Brexit Party.


This move was made in line with the Brexit Party’s decision not to contest parliamentary seats where a Conservative candidate won at the 2017 general election.


Hartley said: “I personally feel a sense of anti-climax and disappointment for the team of supporters and volunteers we have brought together.


“This team has worked tirelessly to promote me and our party – I wish to record my sincere thanks to them all.


“For myself, I was made aware at the very beginning, that if we entered into an alliance with the Conservatives then some candidates would be asked to stand down.


“The unilateral alliance we currently have would not be my first choice, but I fully understand and accept the national strategy.


“I am therefore putting the needs of the country before the needs of the party.


“The group we have assembled will continue and offer support to our candidates in Hove, Brighton Kemp Town and Portsmouth south.


“To the constituents of Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, I apologise for not being on the ballot paper for you.


“I urge everyone to register and cast their vote if they believe in Brexit then I ask, they be guided by their head, rather than by their heart when voting.”

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