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Fewer residents in district are claiming credits than county

Universal credit is being claimed by less residents in the Chichester district than other coastal districts.


The latest figures from the Department of Work and Pensions showed just over 3,000 claimants in the Chichester area receive the benefit.


The district’s 3,013 who receive the support compares to the next West Sussex lowest total of 2,869 in Horsham. The highest number of claimants in an area in West Sussex was 4,999 in the Arun district.


In all, almost 276,000 in the southeast benefit from the bespoke benefit.


Will Quince, the government’s minister for welfare reform, said: “Universal credit is a force for good and provides a vital safety net for people who are out of work or on low wages across the south east.


“Significant improvements have been made in the past year, such as providing extra support for families reporting childcare costs reducing deductions, and we will continue to work towards improving the service.”


The publication of the figures comes after the UK employment rate to a new record high of 76.2 per cent. Jobless levels also remain at a low rate of 3.8 per cent, according to the data.

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