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Letter to the editor | A259

Dear Editor,


Arun District Council member Martin Lury’s call to ‘dualise’ the A259 beggars belief as does Tory MP Nick Gibb’s pledge to spend millions on the A27.


They serve a council and a parliament that have recognised the present climate emergency.


So, such talk completely ignores the dire state of our planet.


Only this month, the scientific journal Nature states that one climate tipping point (the West Antartic ice-sheet) has almost certainly been triggered and others are close behind.


Anything and everything needs to be done now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – not encourage them.


Investment in free, comprehensive bus services and subsidised rail fares are needed, not new or bigger roads squandering swathes of countryside.


Even a simple step like a 50mph speed limit on any road would help and also reduce noise, pollution, accidents and driver stress.


Why isn’t there a 40mph limit between roundabouts on town bypasses where houses are now being built on both sides of the road?


So much time has been wasted. How many warnings do we need to take action in any and every sphere?


Ms J Shippam,
Canal Road,

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