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Letter to the editor | Congestion fears

Dear Editor,


While I was pleased to see the call by Cllr Lury (Bognor Regis Post, November 2 edition) to dual the A259 to help deal with the massive amount of development we can expect in Arun in the next 10 years or so, I remain very disappointed that it has taken both Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council, so very long to begin to accept that far more is required if our transport systems are not to become totally chaotic in the years ahead.


I acknowledge that there are already a number of transport proposals aimed at ameliorating the traffic impact of the 20,000 new homes proposed in the current local plan.
but for the A259, the major coastal route, these are concentrated on the area to the east of the Tesco roundabout and ignore the daily congestion and safety issues that already exist to the west between Littlehampton and Flansham. The significant development proposals for this area can only make this far worse.


I and many others have been trying to draw attention to this deficiency for many years now, including making representations at the 2017 Arun local plan inquiry to challenge the inadequacy of the the WSCC analysis, but up to now this has fallen on deaf ears.


I can only hope the belated recognition that something major needs to be done will actually be followed through, and swiftly – and that the developers themselves will be required to make a major financial contribution towards it.


I look forward to the new study and the opportunity to contribute to it.


Alan Lovell (Ex county engineer and surveyor WSCC),
Bognor Regis

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