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More anger at homes plans

Protests have continued to be made against new homes planned for Pagham.


Residents in the area had submitted a total of 27 letters to Arun District Council by the end of last week objecting to proposals for nearly 100 dwellings.


Among the latest objectors in response to the latest application for the scheme for 6.24 hectares of land south of Summer Lane was Lisa Edington.


The Harbour View Road resident told the council: “This and other planning proposals for our tiny village are completely and utterly objected (to) by the majority of local residents.


“This is already a flood plain and further development in this area would lead to even more congestion in the village and going north up Pagham Road.


“The infrastructure cannot cope at present with the volume of traffic. The sewerage works are already struggling and won’t cope with any more waste.


“I will not support and will vehemently oppose this and any further applications to destroy our village.”


Another objector, Barrack Lane resident Maxine Harcourt-Kelly, has said in her submission: “The infrastructure is unsuitable for further development.


“Roads, doctors and other essentials are buckling under current demands. Climate issues are increasingly impacting the area.”


The latest proposal has been compiled by planning agent Adrian Baker on behalf of the applicant, Drew Smith.


Mr Barker has asked Arun to approve a series of detailed matters which relate to the housing, which the council has approved in principle.


He has supplied information about issues such as secure parking, the number of parking spaces, drainage, and amending the layout of the homes to keep two protected trees.


He states: “This development has been designed with crime prevention and good practice in mind.


“It is confirmed that a survey of the downstream ditch system has been carried out and a hydrological assessment is underway. This will be submitted to the district council under separate cover.


“The assessment is required to prove that the proposed diversion does not cause flooding of the existing watercourse.”

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