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Railway Sleepers pull away for trebles crown

The same amount of players as in the summer took part as the Bognor Friday Night Benevolent Divisional Trebles knockouts were held at the Newtown Social Club – but it was still way off the record.


Eleven teams took part in Division Three. The first semi-final saw Alex Chirat, Dan Carter and Dan Sapio (Chi Snooker ‘B’) lose 2-1 to Simon Mitchell, Jill Mitchell and Dan Middleton (Newtown Clubbers).



Richard Pennells, Tracey King and Alice Barnard (Richmond Resurrected) lost 2-0 to Tina Bennett, Mark H Todd and Ben Todd (Railway Sleepers) in the second semi.


The final saw the Railway Sleepers go first, but a ton from Middleton helped them get in front, and with Simon Mitchell hitting the double, the leg went to the Newtown.


Leg 2 saw two tons from Mark Todd, and after some double trouble, Ben Todd hit double 8 to tie the match. Leg 3 saw Ben Todd miss double top for a 111 out-shot, and after lots more misses for the Railway trio, Simon Mitchell hit the double for the Newtown.


Leg 4 was even until Jill Mitchell hit 120 to leave a finish, but lots more misses eventually saw Mark Todd hit the double to take it to leg 5.


The last leg saw the Newtown eventually catch up with their opponents with another ton from Jill Mitchell, but it was too late as Bennett hit double 4 to win the leg, taking the match 3-2, and giving them the title of Division Three trebles champions (pictured above).


Eleven teams took part in Division Two.


The only 180 of the night came from Alex Richardson (Aldingbourne Mavericks) in the first round. Richardson and his team mates, Adam Hall and Rachel Hall, would eventually get through to the final after a 2-1 win against Tom Stannard, Jack Stannard and Jez Stannard (Pagham CC) in the first semi-final.


The second semi-final saw Michael Hoare, Tom O’Sullivan and Simon Edwards (Lamb Chops) beat Martin Grainger, Len Dixie and Les Mullinger (Royal Oak) 2-0 to reach the final.


The final saw a close first leg, but with Adam Hall hitting two tons with his first two throws, and the double coming from Rachel Hall, the Mavericks went ahead.


Another ton came from Adam Hall in leg 2, but some missed doubles allowed Hoare to hit 117 to leave a finish for his team. It wasn’t to be as Richardson hit the double to go 2-0 up. Hoare, O’Sullivan and Edwards got the early lead in leg 3, being over 200 points in front, but a ton from Richardson helped them catch up, and after 21 darts missing doubles for Hoare, O’Sullivan and Edwards, Adam Hall hit double 4 to take the match 3-0, and become Division Two champions (pictured below).


Only three teams took part in Division One – the worst divisional turnout on record.


A round-robin style knockout was employed and the Friary’ Z’ trio of Lee Franklin, Richard Ragless and Cliff Prior beat Mike Davis, Harry Annals and Derrick Longhurst (Lamb Nomads) 2-0 in the first match.


The second match saw Davis, Annals and Longhurst play team-mates Rob Allen, Ian Hackett and his wife Emma Hackett, who joined them from Division Two to help make up a team. But Davis, Annals and Longhurst could only take one leg and left the knockout.


In the final, Franklin, Ragless and Prior took on Allen and the Hackett duo.


The first leg was over in a flash, with the Z’s getting the lead, and despite a start of 115 from Emma Hackett in leg 2 and another ton later in the leg, Franklin hit the double to go 2-0 up. Leg 3 saw three more tons from the Z’s and before you knew it Franklin hit the double again, to take the match 3-0, giving himself, Prior and Ragless the Division One Trebles title.

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