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Letter to the editor | Rise in council tax

Dear Editor,


I am appalled by the planned rise in council tax by West Sussex County Council.


A four per cent raise is massive when you take into account the constant living cost increases and wage freezes.


Yet again, children’s services will be hit if the planned cut in transport for children with special needs goes ahead. This is an attack on the most vulnerable.


Added to that, after declaring a ‘Climate emergency’ accross the country, they plan to cut money for recycling.


As a town councillor I have been asked to contact WSCC on various issues on behalf of Marine ward residents, but I don’t even get a response from them.


For a long time now, the county council has been run badly and services have been mismanaged. Now the people of Bognor Regis are expected to pay.


I think it is time to ask: “Are WSCC fit for purpose?”


Cllr Alison Sharples,
Marine Drive West,
Bognor Regis

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