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MP’s positive about Britain

By Kevin Smith


MP Nick Gibb says the UK has a lot to look forward after Brexit.


In an article for the Bognor Regis Post, the MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton writes about the impact he believes tonight’s historic exit from the EU will have:


“Last Thursday afternoon in the House of Commons, the deputy speaker, Nigel Evans MP, announced that the Queen had ‘signified her assent’ to the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 after it had passed through both houses of Parliament.


“Those three words marked the end of the three-year saga to deliver the Brexit people voted for in June, 2016. Here, in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, nearly two-thirds of those who voted in the referendum to leave the EU.


“It has taken far too long but, at 11pm tonight, the UK will finally leave the European Union. After an 11 month ‘implementation period’ up to the end of the year, we will take back control of our laws, our borders and the money that we pay to the EU each year. We will be free to set our own course.


“I am hugely optimistic about the future of our country. Those who run businesses are telling me that enquiries and orders from their customers are rising. Unemployment is at the lowest level for more than 40 years and we have very low inflation.


“There seems to be a renewed confidence in Britain – an energy and a global outlook that extends not only to our friends and allies in Europe but to other parts of the world: to the US, to the 53 members of the Commonwealth with its population of 2.4billion people, to South America and to China. There are no bounds to where British businesses can find opportunities.


“A fortnight ago, London hosted the largest-ever gathering of education ministers from around the world at the Education World Forum conference.


“In conversation after conversation, it was clear how warmly the UK is regarded.


“While our broadcast media is filled with negative stories and a daily diet of bad news, we sometimes forget the good and overlook what our country has achieved and the amazing things our scientists and engineers, businesses from the creative sector to financial services to many others produce every day.


“That doesn’t mean we don’t have problems to overcome. Ensuring everyone can benefit from a growing economy; that young people can find a home and get on to the property ladder; that we tackle the searingly unfair inequalities that get in the way of people’s aspirations; that globally we rise to the multiple challenges of climate change; and that we continue to find cures to the diseases that cut short too many lives. There is a great deal to do. And we will get on with it outside the EU but in partnership with our EU allies and nations around the world.


“Tonight, we will demonstrate to the world the strength of our democracy. That, however difficult and controversial a decision, the 60million people who make up our wonderful country can debate in peace, reach a conclusion and move on.


“That’s something we can all celebrate as we look ahead to a bright future.”

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