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Sports club members to gain from more modern buildings

Improved facilities can be built at Middleton Sports Club.


The club’s committee has been given planning permission to replace its bowls pavilion and add a first floor extension to its existing gym to make the premises accessible for disabled people.


Arun District Council planning officer Richard Castro-Parker says in his report: “While the footprint of the replacement bowls pavilion would be larger than that of the existing, it would not be considerably larger than the existing.


“The proposed pavilion would also have a flat roof and would only be marginally higher than the existing.”


The slightly larger size of the proposed new bowls pavilion would also fail to have an impact on the sitting of the Grade II-listed building, The Manor House, sited to the north, Mr Castro-Parker states.


He adds: “The Manor House is screened by mature trees along its boundaries and, as such, it is considered that any views of the proposed ground floor and first floor extension to the gym would be limited and taken in context with the clubhouse as a whole.”

Posted in Local Developments, News.