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Survey says West Sussex is good place to grow old

By Kelly Wickham


A significant majority of people think West Sussex is a good place to grow old, according to the results of the county council’s Age Well survey.


More than 570 people completed the survey which was launched in October at the start of the council’s Age Well campaign to find out what older residents currently do, or might want to do, to stay healthy, happy and independent.


The results show that 88 per cent of people who completed the survey agreed or strongly agreed that they felt safe in the county, while more than 85 per cent felt they could keep physically and mentally healthy.


More than 88 per cent also agreed or strongly agreed that they have opportunities to be healthy, happy and enjoy life in West Sussex.


However, nearly 30 per cent of participants said they don’t feel part of their community and 49 per cent said they didn’t know what support is available to make their home safer, while 23 per cent responded that they were unsure.


Cllr Amanda Jupp, cabinet member for adults and health, said: “I’m pleased that some of our residents think our county is a good place to grow old, but disappointed that so many feel they are not part of their community.


“Feeling isolated can affect lots of people, especially those living in rural areas who might find it difficult to get out and about or see anyone.


“The council offers practical support to assist people maintain their independence in their own home, but it appears that not everyone is aware of the help and support that is available.


“The responses to our survey will help to inform the best way we can support people and make sure that more residents feel that West Sussex is a good place to grow old.”


Practical advice, including tips on how to connect with others in your local community, are available at:

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