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Wreath for town’s founder

Dedicated residents paid their tributes to the man who founded our town.


The annual wreath laying on the grave of Sir Richard Hotham has become a tradition for many people in the town, a way of celebrating his life and his gift to the town.


This year’s event was no different, as members of the public congregated at St Mary Magdalene Church, Bersted Street, to pay their respects.


Cllr Steve Goodhart attended the event. He said: “This is a very positive thing to do, to remind ourselves of Sir Richard Hotham and the people who shaped this town.”


Cllr Goodheart referred to the work of Sir Richard and how his actions will always be remembered.


“His love for the town and his work is something we should all by buying into. We’re looking for something that is going to be looked upon as something that we can look back on and be remembered.”


Among the other attendees was Greg Burt, the history society’s chairman.


He said: “This is an important anniversary as without Sir Richard the town that we know, and indeed we, may not be here.


“The number attending goes up and down every year but this year was a good crowd.


“Whilst all are welcome, it is nice to keep it small and intimate.”


During his speech to the crowd, he raised the importance of looking around and appreciating the lives of others in the same site.


Greg was accompanied by the Rev Tim Crook. He said: “233 years old today, happy birthday Bognor Regis.


“It was 233 years since Sir Richard Hotham lay down the foundations for our town, although of course by that point we had already been here for 500 or so years.


Children from South Bersted Primary school also attended the event, placing their own wreath on the stone, accompanied by headteacher Noel Goodwin.

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