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Eye charity looks to the future as it shifts its regular meetings

An eye condition support group in Bognor Regis has held its first meeting at its new time.


The Macular Society’s group decided to shift its sessions to 10.30am-12.30pm on Wednesdays from Thursdays, but it is continuing at the same venue at 4Sight Vision Support at 36 Victoria Drive.


Macular disease is the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK, with no cure and many types of the condition being untreatable.


Macular Society regional manager Stella Black hosted the meeting on February 12. She said: “A lot of the members have been coming for a while, we’ve got our regulars. Because we’ve moved the group and are getting more coverage, we can also get more new people coming in.


“The group usually runs for about two hours.


“We often have speakers come in but as today is the first one, we decided it would be best to just have us and have a chat.


“It’s especially good because we’ve got someone new come in so I can establish how to help them too.


“People come to meet others that have the condition to find out advice and more information from me and from each other.”


One of the regular visitors to the group, Tom Walsh, praised the group, saying it was the perfect place for them to get information that isn’t necessarily available outside.


“The opticians don’t give us sufficient information,” he said, “and neither do the hospitals. But here we get given the information and it gives different points.


“There’s stuff here that we don’t get outside but here we can come and share experiences we’ve had and share tips.”

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