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Health | Superfoods to help your immune system
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As the scare increases around the Coronavirus, the only thing we can really do is make ourselves as strong as possible.


We can also keep ourselves protected with good hygiene, too. Washing hands after being in public places is key and using hand sanitisers in this instance would be helpful. We have had many outbreaks of different viruses over time, so what’s the deal with Coronavirus?


This new virus was first identified in Wuhan, China, and is a type known as coronavirus. Like previous outbreaks of SARS and MERS, it probably jumped to humans from an animal. Researchers have found evidence it may have originated in a bat, but then a second animal like a snake may have transmitted it to humans.


Although the virus can have severe effects on people now, experts say that this can diminish over time as our immune systems adapt.


At this time of year, I would always highly recommend people take extra care of their immune systems, so with this in mind I wanted to give you my top three superfoods that are going to help protect your immune system and keep you as strong as possible for the weeks ahead.


Even the very news of this infectious disease spreading can cause an alarming amount of stress in our bodies, which can be equally as damaging to our health. I would highly recommend giving yourself a quick immune boost.


These superfoods are among my staple favourites and can always be relied upon as your natural multi-vits and minerals. You can mix them into your morning juice or green smoothie and feel the zing from them within a few days!


1. Chlorella – This sexy green superfood packs such a mineral and iron boosting punch that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! Not only does it drench your body in alkalising goodness, it feeds it with essential minerals and vitamins in a way that’s easily digestible. And it is good for the gut, too, which will help to further boost your immune system. This superfood adds good protection for you, plus it also helps to transport toxins out the body! Double whammy!! (Take up to two teaspoons daily)


2. Bee pollen – Such a wonderful array of amino acids and multi vitamins. This is nature’s very own vitamin pill, full of enzymes that will spark your immune system into full steam ahead mode! Bee pollen works at reducing inflammation and helps the body deal with stress, because it’s so full of natural goodness. Take with caution if it’s your first time as its very rich in digestive enzymes, if you take too much in the beginning you may get a slight tummy ache. Start with a quarter of a teaspoon and build up to three teaspoons daily over the course of two weeks. Long-term, your body will lap this up!


3. Baobab – The superfood of Africa’s ‘tree of life’ is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is essential to help boost your immune system and protect us from viruses and infections. It also a powerful prebiotic and contains so many antioxidants your immune system and skin will both benefit enormously! Vitamin C is essential to absorb iron, so it is the perfect accompanist with our number one superfood, Chlorella. Take up to three teaspoons daily.


Top five tips to boost your immune system:


Keep hydrated – Drink lots of fresh water and try adding lime, mint and cucumber for extra alkalising and hydration
Manage stress – Meditation, yoga, exercise
Fresh air – daily exercise outdoors
Sleep well – Try getting your eight hours. If you sleep poorly, try resting for this time span
Avoid smoking and excess alcohol – This just adds unwanted toxins to your body, causing radical damage


Just adding a few extra things and being mindful of how you conduct your daily habits can make all the difference to your immune system because you are giving your body the ingredients that it needs.

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