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Letter to the editor | Climate change

Dear Sir,


I read with increasing disbelief the item ‘Town’s climate action hots up’, (Friday, January 31). Those present are pictured above.


There was no detailed forensic analysis of what the so-called climate change crisis actually is and how this is manifesting itself locally. Sea water levels have not risen and no polar bears have been noted swimming past the pier.


So what is the crisis? It seem to me that a lot of the so-called climate change science has been swallowed hook, line and sinker with no hard questioning of the integrity of the ‘evidence’, data sources, data integrity, time series etc.


The actions to mitigate this so-called threat detailed in the report appeared to be focused on initiatives linked to individual interest groups. Does this provide a rational basis of any mitigation plans?


Ironically, approaches to the local authorities some time ago about more tree planting in urban areas fell on stony ground as being hazards to traffic. This gave some idea of where official priorities lay.


The notion of a more environmentally friendly town has been raised before and succeeded in the In Bloom type initiatives but these are essentially marginal measures.


If climate change is deemed to be the huge threat it is portrayed by the media and so-called experts, then where are the initiatives to cut vehicle access to the town, the development of much enhanced public transport, cycle and pedestrian walkways, changes to building and development codes and a whole lot more?


Phil Mortimer
Elfin Grove,
Bognor Regis

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