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Letter to the editor | Cycling on the pavement

Dear Editor,


I read with interest an item in the Daily Mail on January 29 which stated: ‘They are proposing to treat them like bikes, meaning riding on the pavement would be prohibited’, this referring to the Department of Transport’s intentions regarding electric scooters.


Perhaps this should be conveyed to the local police force who do allow cycling on the pavement in Bognor Regis, pictured below, because they never tell cyclists that this is an offence.


Of course, when do you even see a police officer in Bognor Regis? Perhaps we shall be allowed one of the extra 20,000 extra officers that were promised at the recent election, but I will not be holding my breath.


We see other officials walking around Bognor Regis with letters on their backs and whatever tasks they are employed to do, surely they could include informing cyclists of the offences they are committing and collecting fines?


Brian Brown,
Seaward Court,
Bognor Regis

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