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Letter to the editor | Food waste collections

Dear Editor,


I read with interest the letter from Linda Collins in Issue 198 concerning the food waste collections.


Firstly, you get a small oblong box with a lid that will either fit on your kitchen window sill or by your normal kitchen bin.


Secondly, inside the box, is a biodegradable bag.


Thirdly, when the bag is full (and remember it is not too big), it’s tied up and goes in a special bin with lid outside. As everything is in biodegradable bags, nothing smells.


And it isn’t food like dinners that go in the bags. It’s things that everyone throws away – tea bags, coffee granules, egg shells and, if you don’t have a compost bin because you don’t have a garden, all vegetable peelings.


Most councils, I can only quote Buckinghamshire, collect every week. The scheme starts with them giving you the bags. Then you buy some. Maybe other councils give them free.


They should also give a list of the food stuffs which can be collected.


Mrs Jones,
Bognor Regis

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