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Letter to the editor | Food waste collections

Dear Editor,


We note with amazement that in a recent edition of your (fine) newspaper you reported that our council proposes to introduce ‘food waste collections’.


It beggars belief that local residents are affluent enough to waste such a quantity of food that such a proposal is justified!


If council members really are as interested in ‘the regeneration of Bognor Regis’ as they protest, why cannot supposedly available funds be spent on cleaning up Bognor’s streets to encourage the various means of said regeneration?


The amount of dog mess on our pavements has now reached an epidemic extent. Too many pavements to mention individually, though Spencer Street is a prime example, are seriously affected.


Surely the council can appreciate the health risks, especially with warmer weather approaching bringing with it inevitable flies.


Apart from this, family friends, neighbours and visitors join me in being utterly disgusted.


Any available funds should logically be used to urgently tackle this ongoing problem, not only by employing staff to clean our streets – admittedly a very unpleasant task and one which should be unnecessary – but also by some means implementing the supposed fine.


Dog owners may then comply with decent behaviour. A cleaner town could then be the first step towards ‘regeneration’.


We support the introduction of dog licences.


Linda Collins,
Cavendish Road,
Bognor Regis

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