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Letter to the editor | Lack of car parking

Dear Editor


I read about the issues some of your readers have raised regarding the staff car parking (or lack of) at Durban House, Bognor Regis, now Tesco has withdrawn the use of its car park.


I believe Durban House is where West Sussex County Council’s social workers are based.


I would guess they have to make numerous visits on a daily basis to assess vulnerable children and the elderly in their own homes around the Arun district. They probably have to use their own cars and claim mileage.


Unfortunately, riding a bike (which one of your readers suggested) would not be an efficient form of transport.


They would likely only be able to do a couple of visits daily compared to maybe five or six in a car.


They also have to carry paperwork and, possibly laptops, so it would probably be no good on a bike in the rain!


C. North,

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