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NYE Camp News by Harvey Whyte

My sending off against Brighton was completely inexcusable.


I was completely stupid and I cannot make any defence for my actions.


It was stupid and silly and I just got angry and there are no excuses.


It is disgraceful in fact and, as I say, I cannot defend it and I am so angry with myself.


Yes, I was frustrated with the way the game was going and the scoreline but even that is not a reason I can use.


It was just daft really.


The game was dead and it was disgraceful.


The annoying thing was probably there was a lot of energy pent up in me as I had not played for about three weeks.


I have been suspended as everyone knows and then there have been the postponed matches.


Again, that’s not an excuse, but it is one of those things and it does happen like this sometimes.


I can’t believe I was so naive as it was a nothing incident.


We had a free-kick and I was trying to get the ball back, and every time I went to get it the player moved it away.


I stepped on his foot. The referee will say I stamped on it but it was more of a step, although I can’t defend it.


I don’t know if this rolls on in the league but, hopefully, it does not.


In all honesty, I have not spoken to Jack or anyone as I have been in such a bad mood.


I am just so disappointed with myself and I have not spoken to Jack because I don’t need telling from anyone how much of an idiot I am.


I am more frustrated with myself than anyone.


Brighton were a quality side but I felt we played into their hands a lot, and that is why I was so angry.


They played two number tens dropping deep, and did not play wingers, but the full-backs were bombing on.


They were able to flood the midfield but all we did was show them inside all the time.


They kept passing and moving the ball inside and they looked a million dollars.


With about five or ten minutes to go in the first half and then ten minutes after the break we started showing them down the line, and we actually looked all right.


They were very good but we made them look even better than what they were.


We could have stifled the way they played better but we didn’t.


Reaching the play-offs may come down to other people now because of my actions but I am still hopeful.


We are still in reach of them if we can get a couple of results together.


It is good we have added a couple of players and I think Jack will be looking to add a couple more.


Tresor looked sharp when he came on against Brighton and I have seen some clips of him on YouTube and he looks like he could be a good addition.


He needs to settle into how we play and us get to know him but he could be a good signing.


I also thought a lot of the other boys did well against Brighton.


I felt Josh Flint played well, as did Harry Kavanagh, which are positives going forward.









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