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Rowan Way works

Work started this week to reinforce the right-turn ban at Bognor Regis retail park junction.


Despite the alterations conducted in October last year to prevent right turning, some drivers continued to turn right, driving around or over the new islands with the potential to cause collisions.


The work, which began on Wednesday, includes:


  • Bollards in the centre of Rowan Way on the junction’s western approach and centre traffic island
  • Bollards on the southern footway next to the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing point and the western end of the segregated cycle and pedestrian facilities at the A29 roundabout
  • Signs on the eastbound approach to the retail park junction indicating the prohibited right turn and the correct route via the A29 roundabout
  • Signs on Rowan Way to the retail park’s west to indicate the need for A29 traffic to make a 180 degree turn at the North Bersted roundabout


The work will be carried out from 9.30am-3.30pm, with temporary traffic lights in place. Access to and from the retail park will be maintained throughout.


Subject to factors such as severe weather, the work is scheduled to be finished by Friday, March 6.


The original project budget of £131,000 included contingencies and these extra measures are expected to be met within that original estimated total cost.

Posted in Local Developments, News.