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Safety tips at bike hub

A community bike shop in Bognor Regis is launching a new initiative to help people protect their bikes.


The Bognor Regis Bike Hub in Aldwick Road will be providing free security marking on all new and second-hand adult bikes sold in the shop, thanks to funding from Bognor Regis Town Council.


Director Adam Bell said: “While it’s impossible to completely protect a bike, having a secure identity number on a bike makes it easily recognisable and less attractive to bike thieves.


“In addition, it’s important not to use cheap cable locks but only heavy-duty locks with a ‘sold secure’ security rating.”


The security marking is provided by Bike Register, which is the same system used by the police, and means if a registered bike is stolen and subsequently recovered, it will be possible to return it to its owner.


Adam said: “With the council providing funding to purchase marking kits, bearing in mind the recent declaration of a climate change emergency, it shows they’re very keen to not only promote cycling as a way of getting around the local area but also helps redress some of the concerns residents may have about crime generally.


“With the Bognor Bike Hub providing the marking as well as advice on how to lock up a bike securely, these measures should help reduce bike theft in our area, making cycling more attractive to people who may otherwise feel forced to rely on a car.


“It will also enable bike owners to continue travelling in a sustainable way that promotes health and wellbeing and reduces pressures on local authority resources.


While security marking can’t guarantee a bike won’t be stolen, a security marked bike is not an attractive proposition to thieves on many levels.


The marking provides a highly visual deterrent, telling a would-be thief that the bike’s details are held on a database used by police, alerting them that the police will be able to trace the legal owner of that bike and return it to them upon recovery.


Also, the markings continue to be visible unless the marked area of the bike is stripped down to bare paint, which is time-consuming and dramatically reduces any re-sale value.

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