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Two (bald) heads are better than one

Two bald builders have done their bit for a local foodbank.


Sam Hughes, 25, and Brad Hanson, 35, who make up the Youtube duo, The Bald Builders, used their DIY knowledge to help out Bognor Regis Foodbank.


Together they collected £200 worth of food to donate to the cause.


“We went on a hunt to get some ideas for videos,” said Brad. “We just decided to go out and do something.


“We decided we were going to set a target of £30 that we would make that day. We found an old battered cone outside Bognor Regis Foodbank.


“The two of us took it back to the hub and did our thing. We managed to transform it into a lamp and sold it for £200.


“We used that money to go to the supermarket and buy as much food as we could, which we took back to the foodbank – it was full circle.”


The two ex-builders are completing the finishing touches on their ‘Bald Hub’ in Littlehamton.


Equipt with an array of film sets, they hope to do more videos with a similar theme to help local causes.


Sam said: “We feel far more inclined to help local businesses because we know where the money is going. It’s nice to help them out.”


Sue White, coordinator at Bognor Regis Foodbank said: “We were absolutely delighted to be beneficiaries of the brilliant donation from the Bald Builders.


Their generosity will really help us to continue to help those most in need in our community.


“It was great to see the process filmed form start to finish.


“We were particularly pleased they were able to use our ‘most wanted’ list from our website, so that they donated items most in need here in Bognor.”

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