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Work will care for badgers on site

Special measures will ensure a legally protected species is looked after while a store is built on the outskirts of Bognor Regis.


The mitigation work will be put in place so badgers which walk across the site of the Aldi supermarket can carry on using it.


Landlink Estates, developers of the £33m scheme on the Saltbox field west of the A29 Shripney Road, had to enable a survey of the land to be carried out as a condition of Arun District Council’s planning approval for the major development.


Specialist company Aspect Ecology has submitted the survey’s results to Arun to show the condition has been fulfilled. The report states: “The survey work has identified the continued use of the site by individual foraging/commuting badgers (evidenced through clear pathways, push-throughs and previous footprints).


“It is therefore recommended that a number of working safeguards and mitigation measures be implemented to safeguard any individual badgers present or utilising the site itself during the construction phase of the permitted development.”


The measures are in line with Natural England best practice guidelines.


“These safeguards (if undertaken) aim to ensure the site as a whole remains safe for badgers during the construction period,” the report says.


A total of eight measures has been proposed by Aspect Ecology for the safety of badgers.


They include providing a means of escape, like a roughened plank of wood, in trenches or deep pits that are left open overnight and stopping badgers getting into any temporarily exposed open pipes with a capacity of more than 150mm which are left open overnight.


No badger setts, latrines or foraging signs were recorded on the land.

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