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Appeal launched for proposal for a new crematorium in area

By Kevin Smith


A government planning inspector has been asked to decide plans for a crematorium in Yapton.


Developer Landlink Estates has appealed against Arun District Council’s refusal of planning permission for the scheme.


Arun’s councillors decided last October to turn down the application for the site at Ten Acre Field north of Grevatts Lane.


They said the scheme would give rise to unsafe conditions for motorists.


The lack of a left turn deceleration lane and the potential for rear end shunts on the westbound A259 would result in severe harm to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, they said.


They also decided the proposed access to Grevatts Lane West, with the inclusion of a right turn going eastbound on to the A259, would be unsafe and would result in severe harm to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists using the A259.


But Landlink’s planning agent, Lisa Jackson, says in her statement of case for the appeal the decision was flawed.


“The statement of case will explain how the development control committee clearly set aside professional advice and based the decision to refuse the application on conjecture rather than evidence.


“Furthermore, the committee did not assess the application properly as they did not consider the planning balance as they are required to do,” she states.


“The statement of case sets out why this whole appeal was unnecessary because the council failed to consider the application in relation to the adopted development plan policy, material considerations, appropriate expert advice and did not weigh up the overall benefits of the proposal against the alleged harm.”


No date for the appeal has yet been set by The Planning Inspectorate.

Posted in Local Developments, News.