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Bus changes

Passengers have been warned of disruption to bus services in Bognor Regis town centre.


Gasworks outside The Arcade mean High Street is partly closed in the stretch to Sussex Street.


This has prompted Stagecoach to tell its bus users its services were being diverted from yesterday for two weeks.


Coastliner 700 services to Littlehampton are being changed along Lennox Street, Belmont Street and Clarence Road to rejoin High Street at the junction at Lyon Street.


A temporary bus stop in Belmont Street will replace those by the former post office and Reynolds.


Coastliner 700 services to Portsmouth will go along Clarence Road, Belmont Street and York Road to the Reynolds stops as usual.


Service 600 will go along The Esplanade and Clarence Road to High Street. In the opposite direction, its journeys will be in reverse along that route.


Star service will also be diverted but will continue to serve the stops at Reynolds.

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