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Council to look at removing graffiti

Action to wipe out the graffiti across Bognor Regis could be taken soon.


Town councillors are to debate joining a deal with the business improvement district (BID) board to ensure the spray paint eyesores are painted over.


Policy and resources committee members will have the matter on the agenda at their meeting on March 30.


Deputy town clerk Sarah Norman said: “The BID have been approached and this will be coming back to the committee at the end of this month.


“The BID will be funding the work in their area. It will be up to the town councillors to discuss how much further they want to go.”


If agreement was reached at the meeting, action could be taken as soon as April 1, she said. The work will be carried out by the town’s council Town Force team.


The need to tackle the outbreak of graffiti was stressed by Grandad’s Front Room founder Danny Dawes at the town council’s meeting on Monday.


He said the painting was a form of the anti-social behaviour which occurred in the town centre.


“Graffiti has reared its head hugely in the town in the last four or five weeks.


“We are coming up to the main part of the year for this town, which is the tourist season, and I – for one – don’t want the town looking like it does now.


“Visitors who see it looking like this, and the anti-social behaviour occurring, will not be coming back,” he said.


Cllr Steve Goodheart, deputy town mayor, said: “The issue is very much at the forefront of councillors’ minds now.


“We will be pressing to make it happen quickly, if that’s feasible.”


Town Force was set up 21 years ago to help to remove the graffiti which then blighted the town. Recently, West Sussex County Council helped to fund the work.


But it cut back to pay only for its property to be cleaned. The town council declined to pay for other graffiti to be removed.

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