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Letter to the editor | Panic buying

Dear Editor,


I’m pleading with the public to just STOP. Put yourself in my worn-out shoes before you take the last loo roll or steal a meal from our months.


I’m a single mother with autism and panic disorder. I have no family nearby or any friends. I can only afford a weekly shop for my daughter and me.

So when I couldn’t even buy one pint of milk it sent into panic – real panic and after trying four shops I froze in the queue.


I was so overwhelmed. I dropped my milk and just shook. The staff closed the shop much to the greedy customers’ annoyance.


The staff were brilliant, though. But it took time to recover. My daughter was called from school as she is my carer.


There are only two of us trying to survive the best we can. If this continues, we have no chance!


You have let coronavirus win anyway. But it will be selfish deeds that will destroy people like us first!


There is no community here. It is every person for themselves.


Karen Kelly,

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