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Letter to the editor | Potholes 2

Dear Editor,


Regarding Andrew J. Fells’ letter (March 6) regarding potholes, I agree with every word. The system is obviously flawed.


I report numerous potholes – feeling especially vulnerable being a cyclist and motorcyclist – and the people on the phone are attentive, friendly and helpful.


However, I suspect those further up the food chain, when they depart for work, leave their intelligence and common sense at home in the mornings.


Everyone, without exception, who I speak to will agree that the speed the work is done is very slow and the standard of workmanship hopeless.


A lack of money is the reason given and all repairs are ‘temporary’, lasting just weeks, or months if you are lucky.


Interestingly, an inspection cover in Yapton’s Main Road next to the village hall belonging to BT has recently been repaired speedily and competently. West Sussex County Council should take note.


The system is flawed and needs fixing.


John Larkham,

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